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Nexx X.G200 Purist White Off Road Helmet

Nexx X.G200 Purist White Off Road Helmet
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Nexx X.G200 Purist White Off Road Helmet
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  • Model: nexx-x-g200-purist-white-helmet
  • The X.G200 comes in 2 shell sizes for an outstanding comfort and fit.
  • 2 different set up positions for the peak
  • Features a super strong and lightweight shell, with the Carbon Reinforcement in the chin area.
  • The huge amount of air vent in the chin bar as the 2 air vent inlets below the  peak, will keep the inside of the helmet fresh and comfortable.
  • The masterly designed interior is both stylish and simplistic and the pinnacle of the X.G200 comfort.
  • The X-Mart Dry technology brings a soft touch and a clever cooling system featuring a drying rate, twice as fast as normal cotton and gives extra insulation on colder days.
  • All the interior pieces are fully removable and washable, anti-sweat and anti-allergic.
  • All the X.Garage collection came with the double D-ring closure retention strap system; simple and reliable.
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