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Nexx SX.60 Ice 2 Dark Grey Open Face Helmet

Nexx SX.60 Ice 2 Dark Grey Open Face Helmet
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Nexx SX.60 Ice 2 Dark Grey Open Face Helmet
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  • Model: nexx-sx-60-ice-2-dark-grey-helmet

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  • Lightweight advanced thermo resin shell (ATR) construction.
  • Equipped with a practical quick release buckle for micrometric adjustment.
  • The 3D formed interiors are fully removable and washable. Soft padding anti-sweat and anti-allergic fabric.
  • SX.60 is by default equipped to accommodate the NEXX Helmets SX-COM 2 System developed in cooperation with the renowned Bluetooth specialist SENA.
  • Available as an optional extra, SX-COM 2 is a very complete system with Bluetooth 3.0, voice commands, stereo music streaming, upgradeable firmware etc also with a very affordable price and extremely easy installation.
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