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Austin Racing De-cat Exhaust Systems BMW S 1000 RR -XYZDEMO

Austin Racing De-cat Exhaust Systems BMW S 1000 RR -XYZDEMO
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Austin Racing De-cat Exhaust Systems BMW S 1000 RR -XYZDEMO
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  • Model: austin-racing-de-cat-exhaust-systems-bmw-s-1000-rr

Available Options

  • GP1 Tips are GP1R angular tip or GP1 round tip.
  • GP1RR is 70mm bore tip in silver/titanium can or Black/black ceramic can. No db killer available.
  • GP2 is a 200mm can in titanium or carbon
  • GP2R is a 110mm can in titanium or carbon
  • Full titanium construction
  • Advanced flow dynamics
  • No remap required for the de-cat but adding a fuelling module will give significant gains
  • performance gains of around 8-12 bhp will be achieved with the de-cat system depending on the tune
  • The GP1/GP2 it uses internal baffling to allow you to control db levels from 102 to 110 plus-LOUD!
  • Carbon option for GP1 is a sleeve over titanium, as such it will last for life!
  • Removable db killer also supplied (not included with GP1RR tip option)
  • Full instructions supplied
  • In race use situations we advise regular insert re packing or removal of the insert completely.

Fitment Information :

  • BMW S 1000 RR 2017-2019
Dispatch Time4-12 Weeks*

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