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Alpinestars Streetwise Drystar Pants - Black

Alpinestars Streetwise Drystar Pants - Black
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Alpinestars Streetwise Drystar Pants - Black
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  • Multi-fabric, Multi-panel Main Shell Construction For Optimized Levels Of Fit, Comfort And Durability.
  • Laminated Drystar® Membrane For 100% Waterproofing And Excellent Breathability.
  • The Bonded Membrane Construction Makes For Lighter Garment And Reduced Material Bulk.
  • Removable Thermal Liner (100g, Thigh, 80g Lower Leg) Means Pants Can Be Worn In A Variety Of Climate Conditions.


  • Developed To Accommodate The Ce-certified Nucleon Kr-h Hip Protector (Available As Accessory Upgrade).
  • Internal Level 1 Ce-certified Bio Armor Knee Protectors For Class-leading Protection.
  • This Garment Is Ce-certified.
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