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Alpinestars Supertech S-M10 Meta Ece Black Gray Yellow Fluo Off Road Helmet

Alpinestars Supertech S-M10 Meta Ece Black Gray Yellow Fluo Off Road Helmet
Alpinestars Supertech S-M10 Meta Ece Black Gray Yellow Fluo Off Road Helmet
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Alpinestars Supertech S-M10 Meta Ece Black Gray Yellow Fluo Off Road Helmet
Alpinestars Supertech S-M10 Meta Ece Black Gray Yellow Fluo Off Road Helmet
Alpinestars Supertech S-M10 Meta Ece Black Gray Yellow Fluo Off Road Helmet
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  • Model: alpinestars-supertech-meta-black-gray-yellow-off-road-helmet

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  • Carbon Shell Construction Utilizes A Highly Advanced Molding Technology With A Multi-composite Combination:
  • 3k, High Density Carbon Outer Layer That Improves Strength And Efficiency Of Energy Dissipation Over The Shell.
  • Ud Carbon Composite Layer That Gives Significantly Greater Radial Strength Around The Shell, Preventing Compression But Allowing Controlled Deflection For Reducing Transmitted Impact Energy.
  • Aramid Fiber Layer Which Provides Critical Penetration Protection.
  • This Three-layer Composite Combination Is Given Even Greater Performance With An Epoxy Resin Bonding That Offers The Best Possible Strength And Energy Management.
  • The Combination Of Material Layers Gives Improved Energy Management: Limited Outer Shell Deflection Making The Energy Spread Wider And Better Absorbed By The Eps Liner.
  • The Result Of The Unique Shell Lay-up Process Employed In The M10 Construction Results In Extremely Effective Impact Protection.
  • With A Fully Equipped Helmet Testing Facility, Within Alpinestars Racing Development Center, An Exhaustive Impact Research Program Has Resulted In The Supertech M10 Returning Linear And Oblique Impact Performance Which Far Improves Upon Current Helmet Regulation Standard Limits.
  • For Direct, Linear, Impact By An Average Magnitude Of 41% And For Rotational Acceleration, Oblique, Impact Performance By An Average Of 48%.
  • M10 In Four Anatomical Shell Sizes.
  • The Supertech M10 Shell Construction Is Optimized To Offer Best Fit Across The Range Of Four Size Options.
  • Shell Sizes Are Manufactured In Small, Medium, Large And Extra-large To Ensure That Riders Have The Correct Fit Which Not Only Improves Comfort But, Most Importantly, The Effectiveness Of The Helmet In An Impact.
  • The Supertech M10 Liner Construction Combines With The Shell To Offer Highly Efficient Impact Energy Management.
  • Formed With A Multi-density Eps Polymer, The Energy Absorbing Layer Gives An Inner Helmet Profile Which Soaks Up Impact Forces Dissipated Over The Outer Shell At The Point Of An Impact And Provides A Shape Offering A Close And Comfortable Fit.
  • The Energy Absorption Performance Of The M10 Is Substantially Improved By A Four-section Construction That Allows For Specific Densities Of Polymer To Be Prepared For Different Zones Around The Helmet Lining.
  • Not Only Is Energy Performance Improved But Also Fit And Comfort.


  • Conforming To Both Dot Certification And Ece Homologation, The M10 Is Certified For Use Worldwide.
  • The Dot 218 Standard Prescribes Specific Impact Penetration Protection Over The Crown Of The Helmet Area And Hence, For The Us And Canada Markets, The Supertech M10 Will Feature Technology That Substantially Exceeded The Minimum Safety Requirements.
  • Collarbone Protection Is An Important Design Feature Of The Supertech Helmet Shell Base Profile.
  • The Base Of The M10 Has Been Sculpted To Give A Relief Section, Where The Bottom Profile Is Raised To Clear The Collarbone (Clavicle).
  • Also, Incorporated Into The Area Of The Base Pad, Where It Sits Over The Rider’s Collarbone, Is An Energy Absorption Pad; A More Flexible Compound Rubber Section Which Allows Deflection When It Contacts The Clavicle.
  • The Supertech M10 Chin-bar Is Formed With Polypropylene Which, By Allowing For A Degree Of Lateral Deflection, Further Improves Impact Protection For The Collarbones.
  • Post-crash Protection Mechanisms Are Also A Key Feature Of The Supertech Design, Allowing Rapid And Safe Intervention If The Rider Has Suffered A Major Impact.
  • Multi-directional Impact Protection System: Mips.
  • Mips Is Incorporated Into The Supertech M-10 To Reduce Rotational Motion Energies That Impact The Helmet Causing Damaging Gyration Force To Be Transmitted To The Brain.
  • A Low Friction ‘slip’ Layer Is Incorporated Into The Supertech M10 Helmet, Between The Comfort Padding Layer And The Multi-density Polymer Energy Absorption Shell.
  • When Energy Is Impacted Upon The Helmet, Causing A Rotation Force, The Mips Layer Allows For Movement Of The Inner Absorption Layer To Damp And Re-direct The Energy Before Causing Significant Acceleration Stress To The Brain.
  • This Mitigates The Causes Of Brain Injuries, Such As Concussion.
  • Emergency Release System (Ers).
  • The Side Cheek Padding Of The Supertech Can Be Extracted Efficiently And Safely, While The Helmet Is Still On The Rider’s Head, To Allow Ease Of Removal By Trackside Support And Medical Staff.
  • The Supertech M10is Also Designed To Allow A Helmet ‘eject’ Inflation System To Be Fitted Into The Inside Crown Of The Shell.

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