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Arai RX-7X Rea Sb Full Face Helmet

Arai RX-7X Rea Sb Full Face Helmet
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Arai RX-7X Rea Sb Full Face Helmet
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  • Model: arai-rx-7x-rea-sb-full-face-helmet

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  • Since 2006, As The Face Of Repsol · Honda · Team At The World's Highest Peak Motogpclass And With Arai For 13 Years As A Top Rider Of The World And Now Announced His Retirement As Long As Season, He Is From Spain "D · Pedrosa" Finalreplicamodel Of The Player Is Lineup.
  • Small Giant Who Rides Over Monster Machine Lightly, With The Latest Protection Performance And Dx Pedrosa's Reputation Of Trust And Reputation As Base, Always Suffer Arai To Win At Race Continue, Fascinating Fans.
  • Posture To Fight With Race Carrying, Large Likes Japan "Samurai" Finalcoloringmodel Expressing Spirit.
  • Every Helmet, There Is A Limit To The Energy Magnitude That Can Be Absorbed.
  • In The Actual Case There Is No Choice But To Dedicate Large Energy.
  • So I've Pursued A Smooth Forme That Is Easy To Remove Shape.
  • Until Now The Shield Attachment Part Needed A Slight Step To Open And Close It.
  • Shield System "Vas" Pursued Forme Which Is Smoother And Easier To Dodge By Lowering Its Mounting Part By 24mm, Using Snel Standard Testline As A Guide.
  • The Shield Attachment Part Lowered To The Position Where It Can Not Be Opened And Closed Originally Can Open And Close By Combining The Newly Developed Pinrail Orbit And Dualpivot Function Assuming A Virtual Axis
  • All Seasons Correspondence Which Can Obtain Visibility With Wider Running Scene
  • Anti-fogging "Pin Lock Seat" Can Be Installed By Option
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