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Arai RX-7V Leon Haslam Full Face Helmet

Arai RX-7V Leon Haslam Full Face Helmet
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Arai RX-7V Leon Haslam Full Face Helmet
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  • The Rx-7v Represents The Summit Of Arai’s Knowledge, Experience And Know-how In Helmet Technology. 
  • With A Completely New Pb-snc² Outer Shell, The Revolutionary Vas (“variable Axis System”) Visor System And A Significant Increased Smoother Area Around The Temples, The Rx-7v Offers The New Benchmark In The Premium Helmet Segment. From The Also New Anti-microbial Material Liner With An Even Slimmer Frame, To The New Ducts, Improved Diffuser And The Integrated Air Channels, Every Part Shows The Attention To Detail That Is So Typical For Arai.
  • Arai Has Continually Improved The “glancing Off” Performance By Learning From Real Scenarios. 
  • Thanks To The New Stronger And Smoother Shell And Vas, The Rx-7v Is Closer To The Ideal Helmet Shape Than Ever.
  • With Vas, The Visor Mounting Position Is Lowered 24mm In Pursuit Of The Ideal Smoother Shape That Increases The Ability Of Glancing Off Energy. As A Result, This Has Made It Possible For The Shell To Be Completely Smooth Above The Test Line Of The Snell Standard. 
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