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Arai MX-V White Off Road Helmet

Arai MX-V White Off Road Helmet
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Arai MX-V White Off Road Helmet
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The Mx-v Evolved From The Much Loved Vx-3 Model. Years Of Experience Can Be Found In This Ultimate Off Road Helmet. The Perfect Choice For Mx, Enduro And Off-road Use. Just As Found In Every Arai Helmet, The Basic And Simple Organic Shell Shape Is Based On The R75 Shape Concept. The Absence Of Exaggerated Edges Or Protrusions On The Shell Is Not A Lack Of Creativity, But A Commitment To Maintaining The Integrity Of The Shell With Real World Impact Performance.

All-day Comfort :

All-day Comfort With The Arai Interior Fit And Shape Together With The Finest Liner Materials And The Extensive Ventilation System. And Thanks To The Perfect Balance And Weight Distribution Of The Helmet, You Hardly Notice You Are Wearing An Arai.

MX-V Ventilation :

Easy to clean diffusers create a strong venture vacuum at the rear.Centre top vent for increased airflow.Under-peak air intake collects and directs cool air into the helmet. Inner chin vent shutter prevents debris coming into the helmet in dusty riding conditions. Goggle ventilation and lower side vents.

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