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Arai CT-F Honda Gold Wing Red Open Face Helmet

Arai CT-F  Honda Gold Wing Red Open Face Helmet
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Arai CT-F Honda Gold Wing Red Open Face Helmet
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More Protection, More Comfort And A Better Fit Thanks To Extended Lower Sides. But All This Without Affecting That Feeling Of Freedom And The Excellent View Only An Open Face Helmet Can Offer. First Thing You Notice On The Ct-f Is The Revolutionary Adjustable Peak. The Challenge Was To Design A Peak With Excellent Aerodynamic Properties, Yet Offering Efficient Protection Against Sunlight And Offering A Stunning Look. The Arai Engineers Succeeded To Combine These Requirements Brilliantly.

General: All-day Comfort :

All-day Comfort With The Arai Interior Fit And Shape Together With The Finest Liner Materials And The Extensive Ventilation System. And Thanks To The Perfect Balance And Weight Distribution Of The Helmet, You Hardly Notice You Are Wearing An Arai.

CT-F Ventilation :

Dual Intake Designed For Increased Airflow And Lower Noise Level, Guiding Fresh, Cool Air Into The Interior. One-piece Rear Exhaust Extracts More Hot Air From The Helmets Interior And Improves Aerodynamics. Side Vent Exhausts Produce Low Pressure Behind The Rear Vent For Better Hot Air Extraction. Integrated In The Shell For Better Aerodynamics, Reduce Wind Noise En Prevent Buffeting At Speed.

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