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Arai Freeway-Classic Bandage Black Open Face Helmet

Arai Freeway-Classic Bandage Black Open Face Helmet
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Arai Freeway-Classic Bandage Black Open Face Helmet
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The Freeway-classic Fulfils The Fundamental Functions Of A Motorcycle Helmet For Those Who Like To Take It Easy And Experience The World Around Them To The Fullest.

General: All-day Comfort :

All-day Comfort With The Arai Interior Fit And Shape Together With The Finest Liner Materials And The Extensive Ventilation System. And Thanks To The Perfect Balance And Weight Distribution Of The Helmet, You Hardly Notice You Are Wearing An Arai.

Outer Shell Construction SFL :

Special Fibre Laminate Strict quality controlled construction using special fibre layers, crowded with fibres right to the shell surfaces and bonded with special resins formulated by Arai, to disperse impact energy over the widest possible area – the shell’s main job – through strength, structural integrity and impact flexibility.

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