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Arai QV-PRO Fluor Yellow Full Face Helmet

Arai QV-PRO Fluor Yellow Full Face Helmet
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Arai QV-PRO Fluor Yellow Full Face Helmet
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The Qv-pro Is Nothing Less Than An Ultimate Sports-touring Helmet. It Features The Advanced Vas Technology Of The Also New Rx-7v And Even Shares The Same Outer Shell, But With Different Ventilation. This Rounder, Smoother And Stronger Shell With An Intermediate Oval Fit Offers The Important ‘’glancing Off’’ Properties Needed For Superior Helmet Performance At Real World Impacts. The Qv-pro Features As The Second Model In Line, The Vas (Variable Axis System) Visor Pivot System That Offers A Larger Smoother And Stronger Outer Shell Area. From The Very Early Start, The Qv-pro Has Been Designed As The Ultimate All-round Helmet With The Advanced Technology Of The Rx-7v, But Also Answering To The Demands Of The Very Large Segment Of Sports-touring Riders. The Qv-pro Comes Standard With The Pss Visor, The All-weather Solution Against Fogging, Misting And Sun-glare.

General: All-day Comfort :

All-day Comfort With The Arai Interior Fit And Shape Together With The Finest Liner Materials And The Extensive Ventilation System. And Thanks To The Perfect Balance And Weight Distribution Of The Helmet, You Hardly Notice You Are Wearing An Arai.

QV-PRO Ventilation :

The High-performance Ventila­tion System Of The Qv-pro Was Developed To Offer All Day Long Comfort To The Rider. Large Ducts And Vents Feature Massive Inlet And Exhaust Openings, While The Large Switches Can Be Easily Operated, Even With Thick Gloves. It Is This Advanced Ventilation System That Makes The Qv-pro Perfect For Those Long Rides In Every Weather.

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