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Austin Racing Full Exhaust Systems Kawasaki Ninja H2

Austin Racing Full Exhaust Systems Kawasaki Ninja H2
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Austin Racing Full Exhaust Systems Kawasaki Ninja H2
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  • Model: austin-racing-full-system-exhausts-kawasaki-ninja-h2

Available Options

  • Ninja H2 Full Exhaust Systems
  • Full Inconel Exhaust System With A Selection Of Outlet Options. 
  • The Ultimate Exhaust System For The Ultimate Bike!!
  • Hand Built To Order.
  • 6 Week Build Time Due To This Being An Exclusive And Complex Exhaust System!
  • Made From The Best Materials.
  • Inconel And Superchargers/turbos Are A Perfect Match Due To It Being Able To Withstand Extreme Temperatures Produced By Supercharchers/turbos!
  • For Ecu Flash The Ecu Must Be Out Of Metal Housing When Sent To Us.
  • Stage 1 Ecu Flash + Pcv = 240bhp! 102 Ftlbs!
  • Stock H2 System:8kg
  • Austinracing Full Inconel System: 3.5kg!
  • 4.5kg Weight Reduction!

Fitment Information :

  • Kawasaki Ninja H2 2015-2018

    Dispatch Time5-10 Business Days*

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