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Caberg Freeride Matt Black Jet Helmet

Caberg Freeride Matt Black Jet Helmet
Caberg Freeride Matt Black Jet Helmet
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Caberg Freeride Matt Black Jet Helmet
Caberg Freeride Matt Black Jet Helmet
Caberg Freeride Matt Black Jet Helmet
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It Is Also Available A Shell Version Made Completely Of Carbon. The Small-sized Shell Dimension, One Of The Smallest On The Market, Enabled To Reach A Weight Slightly Above 800 Gr. So That It Can Easily Fit Under Narrow Seats. Caberg Carefully Focused On Refined Materials And Key Features All Made In Italy Such As The Five Rivets On The Rim, The Steel Air Intakes On The Neck Device, Leather Details, And The Goggles Holder With Serigraphy. Moreover, During Winter Time Or Long Ride Routes, Freeride Can Be Used Either With A Long Clear Visor Easy To Mount Included In The Helmet Box, Or With Caberg Vintage Goggles, Available As Spare Part, For Custom Bike Riders. The Lining Is Completely Removable And Washable Made With Breathable Fabrics And Leather Details. The Color Versions Are: The Single Color Matt Black, Shiny White And Matt Gun Metal; The Graphic Versions Indy Available In Two Base Colors Black And Cream, The Commander In Two Color Combinations, The Flame With Base Shiny Black And A Graphic In Red And Yellow; The Metal Flake Silver And Black. There Are Also Available The Rusty, Iron And The New Version Sandy.

Features :

  • Shell: Tricomposite (Fiber Glass, Kevlar, Carbon)
  • Shell: Carbon (Model Ghost Carbon)
  • Double Shell Size
  • Antiscratch Visor With Pinlock Max Vision
  • Micrometric Buckle
  • Removable And Washable Liner
  • "Sanitized" Lining
  • Removable Nose-shield
  • Goggle Foam Available In 3 Different Thicknesse
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