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Caberg Drift Matt Black Full Face Helmet

Caberg Drift Matt Black Full Face Helmet
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Caberg Drift Matt Black Full Face Helmet
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  • Model: caberg-drift-matt-black-full-face-helmet

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Drift Quick Release Visor Mechanism Allows Visor Self-adjustment To Guarantee A Close Contact Of Visor And Window Beading. Thanks To The Visor Mechanism With A Spring Double Movement, It Will Not Be Necessary To Manually Regulate It In Order To Avoid Incoming Of Water Or Air. Moreover, The Lever On The Left Side Of The Visor Mechanism Consents To Stop The Position Of The Visor At 0,5cm From The Window Beading To Avoid Or Eliminate Fogging, Which Is Absorbed By The Wind While Riding. When The Lever Is Lifted, The Visor Is Locked To Avoid Sudden Opening During A Ride Or Fall.

Drift Is Equipped With A Transparent Anti-scratch Visor, An Adjustable Pinlock Lens Max Vision To Avoid Fogging, And An Integrated Anti-scratch Sunshade Visor Easily Maneuverable With A Lateral Lever. Ventilation Is Guaranteed By 3 Wide Air Vents Easy To Regulate Also With Gloves. The Lower Vent On The Chin Guard Drives Air Directly To The Inner Side Of The Visor To Avoid Misting; The Vent On Top Channels Fresh Air Inside The Helmet Through Numerous Air Grooves, While The Rear Vent Favors The Discharge Of Hot And Stale Air.

Features :

  • Shell: Tricomposite (Fiber Glass, Kevlar, Carbon)
  • Shell: Carbon (Model Drift Carbon)
  • Double Visor (Clear + Smoke)
  • Quick Release Visor System
  • Double Anti-turbulence Neck Roll
  • Antiscratch Visor With Pinlock Max Vision
  • Tilting Visor
  • Double D-ring Buckle
  • Internal Air-circulation
  • Removable And Washable Liner
  • Rain Protection Rims
  • Removable Wind-stop
  • Ready For Communication Systems
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