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Caberg Tourmax Metal White Modular Helmet

Caberg Tourmax Metal White Modular Helmet
Caberg Tourmax Metal White Modular Helmet
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Caberg Tourmax Metal White Modular Helmet
Caberg Tourmax Metal White Modular Helmet
Caberg Tourmax Metal White Modular Helmet
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The Chin Guard Has Two Individually Adjustable Air Vents To Drive Air Directly To The Inner Surface Of The Visor Avoiding Misting Even During Extreme Weather Conditions. Moreover, Helmet Ventilation Is Guaranteed By A Wide Adjustable Frontal Vent And Inner Air Grooves.Droid Is The Result Of The Gained Experience By The First Italian Company To Produce Flip Up Helmets; It Comes With The Dual Homologation P/j Which Allows To Ride Also With The Chin Guard Open; This Lever When In The “j” Position, Blocks The Chin Guard In The Fully Open Position Avoiding Accidental Closing. Thanks To The Reduced Dimensions Of The Helmet, The Weight Of The Droid Is Only 1550 Gr +/- 50gr.

Droid Is Equipped With The Exclusive Double Visor Tech System That, Thanks To The Easy To Use Inner Sun-visor, Allows To Ride Always With The Right Light And In Safety. The Inner Sun-visor Is Treated Anti-scratch, While The Outer Clear Visor Is Not Only Anti-scratch But Also Anti-fog Thanks To The Max Vision Pinlock Lens. The Lining, Made With The Best Hypoallergenic And Transpiring Fabrics To Grant Maximum Freshness, Is Entirely Removable And Washable. Moreover The Cheek Pads Have Been Conceived To Permit The Accommodation Of Glasses.Droid Is Ready To Be Equipped With The Caberg Just Speak S Communication System Which Allows To Communicate Not Only With Your Own Mobile Phone And Your Passenger But Also To Connect To A Gps System And Listen To Music Through Your Mobile Or An Mp3 Player.

Features :

  • Shell: Lg Chem Hi 100h High Impact Abs
  • Double Visor (Clear + Smoke)
  • Quick Release Visor System
  • Double Anti-turbulence Neck Roll
  • Antiscratch Visor With Pinlock
  • Micrometric Buckle
  • Internal Air-circulation
  • Removable And Washable Liner
  • Removable Wind-stop
  • Rain Protection Rims
  • Ready For Just Speak 
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