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Dainese Full Metal 6 Gloves - Black Black Black

Dainese Full Metal 6 Gloves - Black Black Black
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Dainese Full Metal 6 Gloves - Black Black Black
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Improved comfort and outstanding protection from a top performer, packed with innovations and advanced technologies. Quad elastication for increased mobility between the knuckles and the back of the hand. Preformed and precurved cuffs with a new inner closure for outstanding fit, wrist mobility and comfort. Carbon fiber and titanium inserts with Aramid fiber panels for superlight strength and protection. Beyond compromise. This is the track glove to grasp victory.

Performance Shock :

  • Carbon Fiber Inserts At The Joints Of The Fingers And The Head Of The Ulna Bone
  • Composite Inserts In Carbon Fiber And Titanium On The Knuckles And Back
  • Dcp System On Little Finger
  • External Thermoplastic Resin Inserts On Side Of Little Finger
  • Gloves Certified To Ce - Cat. Ii - Pr-en 13594 Standard Lev. 1
  • One Single Leather Panel To The Side Of The Hand
  • Polyurethane Insert On The Palm
  • Quadruple Elastication Between Knuckles And Back Of The Hand
  • Reinforced Leather Palm
  • Reinforced Preformed Cuff Construction

Ergonomics :

  • Adjustable Cuff Strap
  • Elasticated Inserts
  • Micro-injection Reinforcement On The Palm
  • Microelastic Elasticated Inserts
  • Palm Super Touch In Goatskin
  • Pre-curved Fingers
  • Precurved Wrist
  • Tightening Strap

Material :

  • Aramid Fiber Stitching
  • Drum-dyed Goatskin Leather Super Soft Palm
  • Goatskin Leather
  • Internal Reinforcements With Aramid Fiber Jersey

General Features :

  • Cover On The Tightening Strap
  • Elasticated Cuff Inserts
  • Soft Inserts

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