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Alpinestars Smx Plus V2 Boots - Black Red Fluo Yellow Fluo Gry

Alpinestars Smx Plus V2 Boots - Black Red Fluo Yellow Fluo Gry
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Alpinestars Smx Plus V2 Boots - Black Red Fluo Yellow Fluo Gry
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  • Model: alpinestars-smx-plus-v2-boots-black-red-fluo-yellow-fluo-gry

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  • Advanced Microfiber Upper Construction For Lightweight High-Performance Protection And Superb Levels Of Flexibility. Front Flex Area Is Constructed With A Soft Microfiber For Improving Abrasion Resistance And Natural Forwards And Backwards Movement.
  • Flexible Accordion Microfiber On Achilles Gives Enhanced Natural Movement.
  • Strategically Positioned Ventilation Area In Heel And Shin Tpu For Breathability And Airflow.
  • Outside Entry/exit Has Stretchable Accordion Panel For A Close Fit And Ease Of Entry And Removal. Contoured High Modulus Shin Plate Protector Gives Superior Impact And Abrasion Resistance.
  • An Evolution Of Alpinestars Unique Multi-link Control System Provides Advanced External Protection And Support For Ankle Articulation, Limiting Hyper-torsion, Hyper-extension And Hyper-flexion As Well As Providing Achilles And Ankle Impact Protection.
  • Wide Heel Counter With Lateral Ventilation Extends To The Ankle And Is Combined With A Shock Absorbing Padded Insert And Self-molding Ankle Protectors.


  • Dual Density Tpu Replaceable Toe Slider With Screw-in Assembly Providing Protective Coverage Around The Outer Toe Area.
  • Replaceable Heel Slider And External Side Heel Slider Are Positioned To Dissipate And Absorb Shock And Promote Sliding During An Accident.
  • Large Front And Rear Asymmetrical Accordion Zones Are Optimized To Maximize Flexibility For Maximum Comfort And Improved Safety.
  • Micro-Adjustable Ratchet Top Closure Stows Tab End.
  • Advanced Synthetic Forefoot Lining, Laminated With Open Cell Foam For Shock Absorption And Highly Breathable Lining In Ankle And Leg Areas For Comfort.
  • Alpinestars Anatomical And Replaceable Countered Eva Footbed Provide Arch Support And Forefoot Pedal Feeling.
  • Durable Sole, Designed For Improved Riding Feel, Features Evenly Textured Rubber For Consistent Grip.
  • Inner Instep Speed Lacing Closure And Unique Lateral Zipper Offer Precise And Secure Fit.
  • Alpinestars Lace-lock System Is Constructed From An Advanced Polymer Resin To Guarantee A Quick, Precise And Secure Closure.
  • Hook And Loop Tap Locks The Zip Pull Close, Keeping In Flat And Safe.

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