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Alpinestars Meta Trail Shoes - Red White

Alpinestars Meta Trail Shoes - Red White
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Alpinestars Meta Trail Shoes - Red White
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  • Model: alpinestars-meta-trail-shoes-red-white

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  • An extremely comfortable sport casual shoe with a single-piece mesh upper for minimal build material construction and high levels of breathability and flexibility.
  • Designed for occasional running off-road, the unique proprietary midsole offers to cushion and support, while the grippy, rugged outsole offers excellent grip on rough terrain.
  • Designed for mechanic and teams looking for good all-day comfort and occasional off-road running.
  • Easy to slip on design with a large toe box that allows the toes to spread when kneeling for greater levels of comfort.
  • EVA “High resiliency” EVA insert located in the main midsole beneath the heel provides long-lasting softness.
  • Midsole wall wrapping snugly secures the foot and provides good stability and comfort.
  • Oil resistant rubber sole improves grip on dirty surfaces.
  • Removable inner sock with open-cell PU compound provides high breathability, which reduces overheating, offers high durability and superb overall comfort.
  • Lightweight minimal construction combined with quarter panel for enhanced foot stability and protection.
  • 360° tongue configuration ensures a ‘glove’ like fit.
  • Dual-density PU foam is anatomically positioned to hold the ankle securely in place.
  • Reflective detailing on the back.
  • Elastic laces with a degree of elasticity allowing the shoe to be secure yet provide an amount of movement when worn for optimal levels of comfort.
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