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Arai RX-7V Racing Blue Gray Full Face Helmet

Arai RX-7V Racing Blue Gray Full Face Helmet
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Arai RX-7V Racing Blue Gray Full Face Helmet
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  • An RX-7V is everything Arai knows about producing the ultimate competition-ready motorcycle helmet. 
  • The strong, smooth and rounded R75 shape shell; to increase the important glancing-off performance. 
  • VAS system. 
  • Peerless fit. 
  • Ventilation that maintains a rider’s cool. 
  • the RX-7V Racing goes one step further with an extra layer of technology. 
  • Aerodynamic assist. 
  • The RX-7V Racing employs an FIM-approved aero-kit to smooth the passage of air between the rear of the helmet and the aero hump on a rider’s leathers, in a tucked-in racing crouch. 
  • It’s a new design, with fixed airwing and more aerodynamically efficient than the prototypes developed over previous seasons by top-flight Arai’s racers. 
  • The higher the speed, the more noticeable its effect. 
  • Other RX-7V Racing details are less obvious but aimed squarely at the extremes of racing; for those that measure performance at the very edge and lap times in fractions. 
  • Take the advantage.
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