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AGV Orbyt Top Sun&moon 46 Black Parrott Open Face Helmet

AGV Orbyt Top Sun&moon 46 Black Parrott Open Face Helmet
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AGV Orbyt Top Sun&moon 46 Black Parrott Open Face Helmet
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  • Model: agv-orbyt-top-sun&moon-46-black-parrott-open-face-helmet

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  • Orbyt Is The Ultimate Agv Jet Helmet, Designed For Maximum Comfort, Freedom And Protection In The Urban Environment. Ultra Comfortable Interiors Make Every Ride Easy And Enjoyable. The Central Air Intake Is Strategically Positioned In Such A Way That It Isn't Affected By The Sun Visor Position. Its Smooth Mechanism Allows A Perfect Axtivation Also Wearing Gloves. Agv Safety Standards Are Ensured By Multi Densities Eps Construction, That Guarantees Superior Impact Performances. Riding Is Always In High Resistance Thermoplastic Resin Engineered In 2 Sizes With 3-density Eps Structure Developed In 2 Sizes
  • Integrated Ventilation System With Adjustable Upper Air Intake Strategically Placed To Capture Maximum Air Flow Without Interference With The Internal Sun Visor
  • Dry-comfort Fabric Interiors With Removable And Washable Cheek Pads And Crown Pad And Non-removable Neckroll
  • Fit Especially Designed To Allow Wearing Glasses
  • Anti-scratch Visor Is Designed To Protect The Face Below The Level Of The Chin
  • Visor Is Available In 2 Different Sizes To Potimize The Match Between Visor And Shell In Any Size And To Reduce Air Drafts And Noise
  • Integrated Anti-scratch Sun Visor, Removable Without Using Tools
  • Sun Visor Is Available In 2 Different Sizes Depending On The Shell
  • Sun Visor Is Operated By Turning The Plate On The Left Side Of The Helmet
  • Micormetric Retention System
  • Ready For Generic Communication System
  • Extended Visor
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