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HJC RPHA 90S Metal Black Modular Helmet

HJC RPHA 90S Metal Black Modular Helmet
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HJC RPHA 90S Metal Black Modular Helmet
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The reinvented rpha 90s is the most compact modular helmet, resembling a full-face helmet through weight and appearance, yet functioning as a modular helmet. The premium integrated matrix (P.I.M. Plus) shell provides enhanced shock-resistant performance and a comfortable and very lightweight helmet using reinforcement materials that include carbon and carbon-glass hybrid fabric.  The anti-fog and anti-scratch coated sun-visor has increased visibility to reduce eye strain and block sunlight. To reduce the noise in a modular helmet, the rpha 90s has a 3d-engineered low-noise interior that is focused to reduce noise significantly. For convenience, the eps design accommodates eyeglasses and sunglasses and also has recessed areas for custom speaker placement.

Visor / sun shield options :
  • Hj-29 standard visor
  • Hj-29 rst-mirrored pin-prepared visor
  • Hj-v9 sun shield
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