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HJC RPHA 90 Metal Fluorescent Green Modular Helmet

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HJC RPHA 90 Metal Fluorescent Green Modular Helmet
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  • Model: hjc-rpha-90-metal-fluorescent-green-modular-helmet

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One of the most compact modular flip up motorcycle helmets in the world. It's plush interior provides extra comfort for long distance riding.Premium Integrated Matrix / P.I.M. Plus: Reinforcement materials, including Carbon and Carbon-Glass Hybrid fabric, provide enhanced Shock-Resistant performance, more comfort, and lightness of helmet.Sun Visor with Wider-Vision: Better peripheral vision, helps to reduce eye strain and excellent sun light blocking. Anti-Fog and Anti-Scratch.Full Metal Micro Buckle System: High durability 100% stainless steel HJC’s new fastening system with extra strength.

Product details :

  • Outer shell P.I.M. PLUS
  • "Premium Integrated Matrix" Material reinforcements made of carbon and carbon-glass hybrid fibers provide improved shock absorption, more comfort and less weight of the helmet
  • Increased scratch-resistant sun visor with 99% UV protection
  • The maximum coverage of the field of vision minimizes eye strain and provides excellent glare protection. : Anti-fog coating
  • Antifog screen included
  • Metal micro-latch closure
  • Bracket and holder made of 100% stainless steel
  • HJC's new, extra-robust closure system
  • RAPIDFIRE 3 Visor Mechanics
  • Allows quick and tool-free replacement of the visor
  • Noise reducing interior fittings
  • 3D-developed, ergonomic interior with the emphasis on a clear noise reduction
  • Eye-catching design of the inner helmet shell
  • Prepared for communication systems
  • We recommend the Cardo Smart H: developed by CARDO for HJC: · DMC ™ (Dynamic Meshwork Communication) and Bluetooth® in one device. Ultra-flat control panel.
  • Rear spoiler with vacuum climate control
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