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HJC RPHA 11 Superman Dc Comics Full Face Helmet Online India

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HJC RPHA 11 Superman Dc Comics Full Face Helmet Online India
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HJC RPHA 11 Superman Dc Comics Full Face Helmet Online India

  • Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and arguably the most recognizable DC Super Hero of all time: HJC’s RPHA 11 Superman helmet is finally here as the brand’s fourth DC -licensed graphic gets ready to hit the marketplace.
  • Known for delivering helmets with creative, one-of-a-kind graphics to consumers worldwide, all that is Superman is embodied in HJC’s latest release, from his blue uniform to his flowing red cape, all the way down to the iconic ’S’ on Superman’s chest.
  • As the sole survivor of the doomed planet Krypton and with countless abilities and Super Powers gifted to him by his alien origin, Superman has spent the last 80 years capturing the hearts and minds of comic book fans worldwide, and now he’s eternalized as part of HJC Helmets’ unique line of licensed graphics for riders everywhere to enjoy.

    Loaded with below features:

    • Optimized shell design for outstanding air flow ventilation system.
    • RapidFire™ Shield Replacement System: Simple and secure shield ratchet system provides ultra-quick, tool-less removal, and installation for efficient operations.
    • Aerodynamic shell structure for extreme performance at maximum speeds.
    • Emergency Kit (Cheek Pads) for safe and quick rescue in an emergency situation.
    • Wider eye port provides better peripheral vision for riders.
    • Enhanced Shield Dual Lock System for the high-speed racing conditions.
    • Multi cool interior with advanced anti-bacteria fabric provides enhanced moisture-wicking and quick drying function than the previous generation. Crown and cheek pads are removable and washable.
    • It comes standard with both the 2D Dark Smoke Shield and the Anti-fog insert lens.

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