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HJC I90 Metal Black Modular Helmet

HJC I90 Metal Black Modular Helmet
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HJC I90 Metal Black Modular Helmet
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  • Model: hjc-i90-metal-black-modular-helmet
  • MPN: hjc-i90-metal-black-modular-helmet

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Hjc’s i90 helmet brings a touring rider’s dream to life as a new addition to the iconic line. Created with the vision of flowing wind and open roads in mind, the low-profile, compact shell makes for a lightweight companion for whatever journey you’re on. An increased view, rapid-fire shield, and supercool interior come together to package all of your favorite features in one sleek, stylish design. Always keep your focus on the adventure ahead with the internal dropdown sun shield controlled by a smooth, wire lever that is easy to reach on the bottom of the shell. 

Visor / sun shield options :
  • Hj-33 pinlock® ready visor
  • Hj-33 rst mirrored pinlock® ready visor
  • Hj-v9 sun shield
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