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HJC I70 Tas MC10 Full Face Helmet

HJC I70 Tas MC10 Full Face Helmet
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HJC I70 Tas MC10 Full Face Helmet
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The i70 is a modern and sleek sport-touring helmet composed of hjc’s advanced polycarbonate material. The full-face shell is noticeably more compact and lighter than its predecessor, the is-17.  The i70 features an inner, drop-down sun visor with a new, easy-to-use lever. Top vents optimize ventilation into the interior air channels and out through the exterior exhaust vent with an aerodynamic spoiler design.

Visor / sun shield options :
  • Hj-31 anti-fog pinlock® ready visor
  • Hj-31 mirrored anti-fog pinlock® ready visor
  • Hj-v9 sun shield
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