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HJC F70 Mago MC1SF Full Face Helmet

HJC F70 Mago MC1SF Full Face Helmet
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HJC F70 Mago MC1SF Full Face Helmet
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  • Model: hjc-f70-mago-mc1sf-full-face-helmet
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The new f70 combines cutting-edge design with upgraded features for a fresh, must-have helmet. If you’re a rider who likes to stay ahead of the pack, this first addition to a new generation of helmets is calling your name. The unique design includes an aggressive-looking breath guard and maximized ventilation from two top vents and five rear exhaust escapes. Convenience is key with the internal, anti-fog coated dropdown sun shield controlled by a smooth, easy to reach lever on the bottom of the shell. This helmet is bluetooth compatible with smarthjc. Available in sizes xs-2xl, standard dot / ece approved.

Visor / sun shield options :
  • Hj-32 pinlock® prepared visor
  • Hj-32 rst pinlock® prepared visor
  • Hj-v9 sun shield
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