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HJC C80 Rox MC1SF Modular Helmet

HJC C80 Rox MC1SF Modular Helmet
HJC C80 Rox MC1SF Modular Helmet
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HJC C80 Rox MC1SF Modular Helmet
HJC C80 Rox MC1SF Modular Helmet
HJC C80 Rox MC1SF Modular Helmet
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The C80 dual sport modular helmet brings a new look to the hjc lineup. Designed to be used in either off-road or street, this new model allows the rider to have multiple configurations. The helmet is composed of our advanced polycarbonate composite shell, which provides a lightweight helmet, with superior fit and comfort from the advanced cad technology. The C80 offers a wide vision face shield and easy to use internal sun shield. It also has a large top and lower vent to help keep the rider cool in hot riding conditions. Vents are easy to access and use with gloves on. The multiple helmet configuration allows the rider to use the helmet with or without the extended peaked visor. The modular chin bar uses a one-touch and easy to use lever that is glove-friendly.

Visor / sun shield options :
  • Xd-16 pinlock® ready visor
  • Xd-16 rst mirrored pinlock® ready visor
  • Is-08 sun shield
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