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Dynojet Power Commander V Ducati 959 Panigale MPN - 14-035

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Dynojet Power Commander V Ducati 959 Panigale MPN - 14-035
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  • Model: dynojet-power-commander-v-ducati-959-panigale-mpn-14-035
  • MPN: 14-035

The New Power Commander V Is Loaded With Tons Of New Features. Below You Will Find Some Power Commander V Features.

  • Reduced Size From Pciiiusb (Less Than Half Of The Size Of Pciii)
  • Usb Powered From Computer (9 Volt Adapter Is No Longer Needed For Programming)
  • 2 Position Map Switching Function Built In (Map Switch Not Included)
  • Gear Input (Allows For Map Adjustment Based On Gear And Speed)
  • Analog Input (Allows User To Install Any 0-5 Volt Sensor And Build An Adjustment Table Based On Its Input Such As Boost Or Temperature)
  • With Gear Position Input Connected The Pcv Is Capable Of Allowing Each Cylinder To Be Mapped Individually And For Each Gear (For Example: On A 4 Cylinder Bike With A Six Speed Transmission There Could Be Up To 24 Separate Fuel Tables).
  • Unit Has A -100/+250% Fuel Change Range (Up From -100/+100%). This Allows More Adjustment Range For 8 Injector Sportbikes
  • 10 Throttle Position Columns (Up From 9 On Pciiiusb)
  • Enhanced “accel Pump” Utility (Increased Adjustment And Sensitivity Ranges)


  • Ducati 959 Panigale 2016-17
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