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Dainese Leather Textile Jacket - MIG Black Black

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Dainese Leather Textile Jacket - MIG Black Black
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  • Model: dainese-textile-leather-jacket-mig-black-black

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When it comes to combining the protection of washable full-grain Grid cowhide leather with the durability of Cordura® Comfort fabric and the breathability of mesh, Dainese has led the way, with the Mig leather-textile jacket being a prime example. Standard features include aluminum inserts at the shoulders and Microelastic inserts for a comfortable fit.

Performance Shock :

  • Composite Protectors Certified To En 1621.1 Standard
  • Removable Protectors Certified To En 1621.1 Standard
  • Shoulder With Aluminium Insert

Ergonomics :

  • Inserts In Elasticated Fabric
  • Jacket-pants Fastening System
  • Microelastic Elasticated Inserts
  • Waist Adjustment

Temperature Adjustment :

  • Liner In Breathable And Perforated Sanitized® Fabric
  • Perforated Fabric
  • Removable Wind Proof Liner

Material :

  • Cordura® Comfort Fabric
  • Mesh Fabric Inserts
  • Washable Grid Cowhide Leather

General Features :

  • 2 Inner Pockets
  • 2 Outer Pockets
  • Pocket For G1 And G2 Back Protector
  • Pockets For Double Chest Protector
  • Reflective Inserts

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