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Dainese Perforated Leather Pants - Delta 3 Black White Red

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Dainese Perforated Leather Pants - Delta 3 Black White Red
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All-new sports pants designed for agile comfort with our new Corsa knee sliders and and designed to match Dainese’s sport jacket range. Hip adjusters and S1 fabric with elasticated inserts ensure great fit and flexibility. While Tutu leather with perforated cooling zones (perforated version only) provides tough abrasion resistance: impacts protection is provided by certified hips and knees protectors. Included Pista knee sliders and suit-to-boot fastening system, complete a performance package with distinctive Dainese style in dedicated models for men and women. "

Performance Shock :

  • Composite Protectors Certified To En 1621.1 Standard On Knees
  • Pants Certified To Ce - Cat. Ii - 89/686/eec Directive
  • Soft Protectors Certified To En 1621.1 Standard Level 2 On Hips

Ergonomics :

  • Double Calf Zip
  • Elasticated Inserts
  • Hips Adjustment
  • Inserts In Elasticated Fabric
  • Jacket-pants Fastening System
  • Suit To Boot Fastening System

Temperature Adjustment :

  • Nanofeel® Liner With Silver Ion Treatment

Material :

  • S1 Bielastic Fabric
  • Tutu Cowhide Leather

General Features :

  • Interchangable Knee Sliders
  • Reflective Inserts

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