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Dainese Latemar Gore-Tex Boots - Black

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Dainese Latemar Gore-Tex Boots - Black
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These multi-season, multi-purpose touring boots represent the absolute top in comfort and protection from the Dainese collection. Dainese Latemar GORE-TEX® boots are made entirely from full grain cowhide for complete comfort while riding. The feature which makes these boots stand out is the fact that you can tuck your pants inside them thanks to the special construction of the outer water repellent layer and the internal booties in GORE-TEX® which are water-proof and breathable and keep your feet are always dry. A water ducting and drainage system optimises thermal comfort even under very bad weather conditions thanks also to localised perforations on the inner booties and a micro-laser treatment which allows your feet to breathe. At the same time, these boots offer excellent protection thanks to reinforced insoles, protective heel stiffener and the use of highly abrasion resistant materials which allowed them to be certified as CE - Category II - EN 13634. In addition to excellent fit characteristics, technical solutions include a TPU gear shifter guard , laser treatment at the heels for better grip, integrated reflective inserts and twin straps adjusters at the rear to suit differing calf sizes.

Performance Shock :

  • Certified Boots To Ce - Cat. Ii - En 13634 Standard
  • Nylon Heel
  • Rigid Inserts On Ankles

Ergonomics :

  • Flexible Joints For Extra Walking Comfort
  • Two Zip Fasteners For Quick And Easy Entry
  • Wide Opening For Easy Entry

Temperature Adjustment :

  • Leather Micro Knurling For Improved Perspiration
  • Localized Perforation On The Inner Boot Layer
  • Water Drainage System

Material :

  • Premium Full Grain Cowhide Leather
  • Split Cowhide Leather Inserts For Abrasion Resistance And Grip

General Features :

  • Flexible Rubber Sole With Differenciated Construction
  • Inner Pant System With Waterproof Constructure
  • Integrated Reflective Inserts
  • Laser Treatment On The Heel For Extra Grip Special Inner Contruction
  • Soft Inserts
  • Special Water-repellent External Gaiter Construction
  • Tpu Gear Shifter Guard

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