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Dainese D-AIR Mugello R 1 PCS Leather Black White Fluo Red Suit

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Dainese D-AIR Mugello R 1 PCS Leather Black White Fluo Red Suit
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  • Model: dainese-d-air-mugello-r-1-pcs-leather-black-white-fluo-red-suit

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  • The ultimate racing leather suit, raises the standards in terms of performance, design and safety on the track. Construction in kangaroo hide with elastic inserts in innovative Tri-Axial fabric on the back for enhanced comfort and confidence. Titanium plates on shoulders, elbows and knees.
  • RSS 2.0 replaceable and customizable elbow slider. 
  • \Adaptive Knee construction featuring integrated protectors and elastic inserts. D-air® airbag system covers neck, collarbones, shoulders and ribcage area, and integrates an intelligent LED emergency lighting system that activates in the event of a crash, alerting other riders in case of low visibility conditions.
  • The waterbag kit on the aerodynamic hump, is a MotoGP-derived solution to provide the right hydration for the racer.
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