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Dainese Assen Perforated 1PC Leather Black White Yellow Suit

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Dainese Assen Perforated 1PC Leather Black White Yellow Suit
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  • Dainese Assen Perforated Race Suit. 
  • Achieving the perfect balance of modern design and go-fast glamor, the Dainese Assen Perforated Race Suit owes its distinct presence on the track to clean, minimalist styling, bold accent stripes and classic logos. 
  • Broad swaths of perforated Tutu leather are bridged by accordion elastic panels and bielastic fabric inserts to enhance ergonomics in flex locations. 
  • Aluminum at the shoulders, composite protectors in the knees and Pro-Shape soft armor in the hips provide the highest level of crash protection. 
  • Enhancing the fresh air effect of generous perforation, the removable NanoFeel liner in the Dainese Assen Race Suit will keep you comfortable in the most demanding conditions. Protection: Composite protectors certified to EN 1621.1 Standard Pro-Shape soft protectors certified to Standard EN 1621.1 on hips Suit certified to CE Cat. II  89/686/EEC Directive Shoulder with aluminum insert Ergonomics and Comfort: Perforated Tutu cowhide leather NanoFeel removable liner S1 bielastic fabric Inserts in elasticated fabric Calf zipper Collar with elasticated insert Aerodynamic spoiler.
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