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Caberg Sintesi Matt Black Modular Helmet

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Caberg Sintesi Matt Black Modular Helmet
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Caberg modular helmets Sintesi comes from more than thirty years’ experience of Caberg, the fi rst Italian company to produce a fl ip up helmet, in designing fl ip up helmets with revolutionary functional characteristics. Sintesi is equipped with an innovative mono button chin guard opening system, which, thanks to a rototraslation movement, allows, in opening position, to have the chin guard much closer to the shell compared to traditional fl ip up helmets. This feature reduces the head wind effect and prevents from accidental closing of the chin guard. Moreover, thanks to this particular chin guard movement, Sintesi has been homologated with a dual homologation: full face and jet, that consents the motorcyclists to ride both with the chin guard closed, guaranteeing the safety of a full face helmet, and with the chin guard open in jet confi guration. In order to hold down weights, prorate the helmet volume to the motorcyclist’s size, and avoid the problem of diffi cult fi tting of the chin guard for bigger sizes, Sintesi has been designed with a double size body; this means that there are not only two shell sizes, but also two chin guard sizes and visors: small size from XS to L, while the big size from XL to XXXL. As for Caberg tradition, also Sintesi is equipped with the exclusive Double Visor Tech system that, thanks to an inner sunvisor, easy to use, allows always to ride with the perfect light and maximum safety. The inner sun visor is treated antiscratch, while the clear one is antiscratch with Pin Lock antifog. Ventilation is guaranteed by two vents easy to move, one positioned on the chin guard to air directly the inner surface of the visor avoiding misting, and the other one on top the shell to allow a perfect ventilation inside the helmet.

Features :

  • Shell: Lg Chem Hi 100h High Impact Abs
  • Double Visor (Clear + Smoke)
  • Quick Release Visor System
  • Double Anti-turbulence Neck Roll
  • Antiscratch Visor With Pinlock
  • Micrometric Buckle
  • Internal Air-circulation
  • Removable And Washable Liner
  • Removable Wind-stop
  • Wind Tunnel Aerodynamic Testing
  • Rain Protection Rims
  • Ready For Communication Systems
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