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Caberg Ghost Matt Gun Metal Jet Helmet

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Caberg Ghost Matt Gun Metal Jet Helmet
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  • Model: caberg-ghost-matt-gun-metal-jet-helmet

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This Jet, In Fact, Is Equipped Not Only With A Particular Goggle Shape Visor That Adheres To The Face Thanks To The Foam Profile Along The Inner Lower Side Of The Visor, But Also With A Mask Easy To Use To Protect The Face From The Cold In The Winter Months And From Swallowing Too Many Gnats In The Summer Time.

Ghost Can Be Used In 4 Different Configurations: 1) Equipped With The Visor, The Foam Profile Along The Inner Lower Side Of The Visor, And The Mask; 2) Equipped With The Visor And The Mask, But Without The Foam Profile Of The Visor; 3) Equipped With The Visor And The Foam Profile But Without The Mask; 4) Equipped Only With The Visor, Without The Foam Profile And The Mask

Features :

  • Shell: Tricomposite (Fiber Glass, Kevlar, Carbon)
  • Shell: Carbon (Model Ghost Carbon)
  • Double Shell Size
  • Antiscratch Visor With Pinlock Max Vision
  • Micrometric Buckle
  • Removable And Washable Liner
  • "Sanitized" Lining
  • Removable Nose-shield
  • Goggle Foam Available In 3 Different Thicknesse
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