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Alpinestars Tech T Boots - White Red Yellow Black

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Alpinestars Tech T Boots - White Red Yellow Black
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Developed and tested in the most challenging terrains around the globe and already the mainstay of trials legend Toni Bou, the Tech T features a new ergonomic shin-plate for protection and a specially developed propriety sole that offers support and protection while giving sensitivity and dexterity of the foot pegs €モ critical for today's trials riders as they attempt ever more incredible moves.


  • Upper constructed from a combination of full grain leather and innovative microfiber for durability and abrasion resistance,Leather shift pad for abrasion resistance and structural protection.Polymer insole with integrated steel shank reinforcement for structure and support to the arch area.


  • Extended front and rear accordion stretch zones for improved flex, control and support.Wide entry aperture for convenience with Velcro® upper closure TPR flap to allow broad ranging calf fit adjustment and support.3D mesh textile with open cell foam for improved air circulation and comfort.Extended PU synthetic gaiter helps seal out excessive water and dirt entry.Soft poly foam reinforcement on ankles and collar for long lasting comfort and shock absorption.Three buckles closure system with memory, featuring an integrated quick release/locking system closure. Buckles are injected with high impact resistant techno polymer. All buckles are replaceable.Exclusive compound rubber sole with high grip, rough terrain design. The outsole is replaceable.Replaceable anatomic footbed for comfort and support ensures even weight distribution.


  • Double density TPU ankle protector disks are layered under the upper and backed by poly-foam padding.Ergonomically contoured shin-plate is injected with high modulus TPU for a high level impact and abrasion resistance.Internal toe box and heel counter protection is layered under the upper for durability.The TECH T is CE certified to CE CERTIFIED EN 13634:2010.
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