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Alpinestars Tech-Air Drystar Jacket - Valparaiso Black

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Alpinestars Tech-Air Drystar Jacket - Valparaiso Black
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A formidable all-weather street/adventure touring jacket which incorporates a waterproof and breathable DRYSTAR® membrane and offers superb comfort levels thanks to its Jet Ventilation System (JVS). Constructed to be compatible with the Tech-Air® Street Airbag System.


  • Leather panels on shoulder and sleeves for high levels of durability and abrasion and tear-resistance in critical areas.Removable and interchangeable waterproof and breathable DRYSTAR® full ensures long term all-weather performance.Long sleeve thermal liner (130g on body, 100g on sleeves) can be fully removed and has zipper connection for easy identification with integrated stretch comfort edge. Thermal liner is ‘sonic quilted’ for improved insulation.Extended accordion stretch inserts on shoulders for improved fit and expansion to accommodate inflated airbag.Pre-curved, articulated sleeves with gusseted Velcro cuffs enhance fit and comfort in the riding position.Waterproof external storage provided by two chest font water resistant zips and one internal waterproof wallet pocket.Convenient storage options with two front cargo style pockets and large rear utility pocket.


  •  Fully featured and highly versatile 4-in-1 all-weather jacket optimized for comfort and performance with airflow, thermal and waterproof configurations.Superior, multi-material main shell construction featuring an advanced poly-fabric main shell, which has been specially designed to accommodate larger volume mass in the event of airbag deployment.Features integrated sensors securely and subtly on the upper zip: electronic airbag system ‘arms’ automatically when jacket is closed, offering peace-of-mind security and safety.Intelligent LED panel on left sleeve indicates if airbag system is functioning correctly.Internal conduits for quick and convenient attachment of airbag vest.Featuring Jet Ventilation System (JVS) large zippered air intakes on torso with large rear air exhaust window on back and on the arms for cooling performance on long rides.


  • Removable CE-certified shoulder and elbow.Chest and back pad compartments with PE padding (Alpinestars Bionic armor available as accessory upgrade).
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