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Alpinestars Tech 7 S Boots - Black Gray White Orange Fluo

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Alpinestars Tech 7 S Boots - Black Gray White Orange Fluo
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  • Model: alpinestars-tech-7-s-boots-black-gray-white-orange-fluo

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  • Specifically Designed For Up-and-coming Youth Riders With Smaller Feet.
  • Advanced Closure System Inspired By The Tech 10. Features Strong Techno-polymer Buckles For Easy Adjustability With A Precise, Secure And Streamlined Fit.
  • Comprehensive Support And Security Built In To The External/internal Structure Of The Boot Minimizes Lateral Flex And The Risk Of Hyper Extension.
  • Sole Provides Superior Durability, Grip, Feel And A High Level Of Structural Rigidity.
  • Anti-bacterial Innersole Designed For Extra Support And Improved Comfort.
  • Injected High Modulus Pu Shaped With A Profile That Provides High Level Of Impact And Abrasion Resistance.
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