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Alpinestars Supervictory Steel Plate Boots - Black

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Alpinestars Supervictory Steel Plate Boots - Black
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  • Model: alpinestars-supervictory-steel-plate-boots-black

Available Options

  • Four Nylon Cam Adjustable Buckles With A Replaceable Nylon Strap And Housing Design.
  • Stamped Steel Shin Plate.
  • Alpinestars Exclusive Rubber Compound Sole With Replaceable Foot Peg Insert.
  • Ergonomic Ankle Support With Injected Tpu Ankle Pads.
  • Stamped Stainless Steel Sole Guard.
  • Stamped Steel Shank.
  • Exclusive Ankle Brace Protector.
  • Full-grain Leather Upper And Lining.
  • Leather Over Leather Front Flex Zone.
  • Replaceable Anatomic Footbed.
  • Internal Tpu Plate On The Inner Side Of The Boot Is Curved In An Anatomic Shape And Covered With Leather.
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