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Alpinestars Supertech Pants - Gray Navy Yellow Fluo

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Alpinestars Supertech Pants - Gray Navy Yellow Fluo
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  • Meticulously Designed To A New Pattern Keeping The Pant Perfectly Positioned While Riding Aggressively And Offering Unrivalled Levels Of Movement And Flexibility.
  • Main Shell Extensively Constructed (80%) From Advanced Stretch Fabric For Freedom Of Movement. Textile Fiber Composition Specifically Developed By Alpinestars To Offer High Levels Of Mechanical Properties, Such As Strength, Elasticity And Durability.
  • Strategically Positioned Stretch Mesh Inserts Offer Cooling Comfort And Freedom Of Movement.
  • Localized Perforations For Enhanced Airflow.
  • Leather Panels On Inner Leg Provide Heat Resistance, Grip, Comfort And Durability.
  • Ratchet Waist Closure System With Two Flaps And A Front Metal Fly Hook Offers A Precise, Personalized And Secure Fit.
  • Leg Cuff Features Stretch Mesh Insert For Easy On And Off.
  • Silicon Print On Inner Waist To Keep The Pants In Position.


  • Heavy (900 Denier) Reinforcements On Seat Area Provide Seam Strength, Durability And Critical Coverage.
  • 450 Denier Knee Panel For Durability And Freedom Of Movement.
  • Pu Reinforced Knee Area And On Back.
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