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Alpinestars Supertech Gloves - Black White Red

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Alpinestars Supertech Gloves - Black White Red
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The most technically advanced performance racing glove forged in the highest echelons of professional racing, the Supertech Glove incorporates groundbreaking construction methods and material technologies.


  • Constructed from supple and strong full-grain kangaroo and cow leather for superior performance.Pre-shaped leather on finger and thumb for superior feel.Localized perforations on backhand and fourchettes keep the hands cool.Pre-curved finger construction reduces rider fatigue.Internal top surface hand and thumb lining made with Dupont Kevlar fiberInternal little finger lining made with Dupont Kevlar fiber


  • Revolutionary development step for Moto GP proven glove.Ergonomic stretch insert on palm.Stretch leather accordion insert on extended thumb zone and fingers for superior fit and flexibility Lateral leather accordion insert gives greater range of movement to backhand area Alpinestars patented third and fourth finger bridge prevents finger roll separation in the event of a slide Printed logos


  • Ergonomic engineered Keprotech reinforcements on the palm and outer hand landing zones provide maximum abrasion resistance in key impact zones.Alpinestars Dynamic Friction Shield (DFS) knuckle protection system features dual density mold construction for superior resistance to repeated impacts.Molded knuckle protection air intakes and exhaust ports for improved hand ventilation.Injected TPU finger slider for superior impact and abrasion resistance.Ergonomically shaped TPU injected adjustable cuff panel for superior impact and abrasion resistance with high grip Velcro closure for security.
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