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Alpinestars Stella Bionic Jacket Protection - Black Purple

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Alpinestars Stella Bionic Jacket Protection - Black Purple
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  • Model: alpinestars-stella-bionic-jacket-protection-black-purple

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  • Removable Back Padded Panels Accommodate Fitment Of Alpinestars Bns.
  • Soft Touch Bns Puller For An Easy And Safe Engagement With The Bns.
  • Newly Designed Elastic Kidney With Tpr Belt System For Improved Ergonomics And A Customized, Secure Fit.
  • Premium, Auto-locking Ykk Zips For Main Frontal Closure And On Detachable Sleeves To Ensure Secure Fitting.
  • Comes In International Sizes: S-l.


  • Specially Designed, Ergonomic Hard Shell Women-specific Chest Protector. Ce Certified Against The En 14021 (Stone Shield).
  • Ce Certified Back Protectors Feature Innovative 3d-grid' Structure And Constructed From A Hybrid Polymer And Eva Foam Compound For Weight-saving, Airflow And Which Molds To Rider's Body Shape.
  • Back Protector Is Ce Certified To Level 2 Standard.
  • Newly Developed Shoulder And Elbow Pu Foam Padding Incorporating Channeling Design For Increased Flexibility And Cooling. Shoulder And Elbow Pads Ce Certified To The En 1621_1 : 2012 Standard.

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