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Alpinestars SP-1 V2 Leather Jacket - Black Bright Red

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Alpinestars SP-1 V2 Leather Jacket - Black Bright Red
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  • Model: alpinestars-sp-1-v2-leather-jacket-black-bright-red

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  • Durable 1.3 Mm Premium Leather Construction With Flexible Leather Accordion Stretch Panels On The Elbows And Upper Arms For Contoured Fit And Comfort.
  • Chest Pad And Back Compartments (Alpinestars Nucleon Chest And Back Protection Available As Accessory Upgrade).
  • Trategically Placed Stretch Poly-textile Panels On Underarms, Torso And Rear Shoulder Helps Movement And Comfort On The Bike.


  • Snap Button System To Integrate The Level 2 Ce Certified Alpinestars Nucleon Back Protector.
  • Removable Ce-certified, Race-developed Internal Protectors Offer Lightweight Performance And Superior Impact Protection To Shoulders And Elbows.
  • Newly Developed Shoulder Protection Features Over-molded Advanced Tpu Guard Layered Under The Outer Fabric For Optimized Levels Of Protection And Comfort.
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