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Alpinestars SMX Plus Boots - Black

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Alpinestars SMX Plus Boots - Black
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The SMX Plus Boot perfectly blends sleek sports styling with advanced protection features developed in Alpinestars performance footwear department. The durable and light microfiber upper is reinforced with a rugged polymer protector while the exclusive Multi Link Control (MLC) system prevents ankle torsion while offering freedom of movement.


  • Race-proven, contoured polymer shin protector designed for an ergonomic and secure fit to give superior impact and abrasion resistance. Alpinestars exclusive Multi Link Control (MLC) also offers added impact protection to critical ankle.Medial-side contouring promotes greater contact with body of bike.Dual-density screw-in toe-slider constructed from ionized aluminum and polymer for optimized levels of durability, weight-saving and abrasion resistance. Slider is replaceable.Upper is constructed from lightweight and durable microfiber, while a contoured synthetic compound.Sole features aqua-dynamic channels to promote greater water run-off.Advanced synthetic forefoot lining with advanced ‘open cell’ foam for improved shock absorption.Anatomically optimized, asymmetric leather accordion zones for maximum flexibility and riding comfort.Instep area constructed made from aramidic fiber with speed lacing closure and elastic-mounted lateral zipper for precise and secure fit.


  • Strategically positioned front vent for improved ventilation on long or short trips.Ratchet buckle closure on calf features hidden security strap.Breathable mesh inserts and perforated side panel improve airflow.Alpinestars anatomical and replaceable footbed provides support arch support and improved forefoot feeling.


  • The SMX Plus Boot is fully CE-certified.Vented wide heel counter is reinforced with shock-absorbing insert and molded ankle protectors.Replaceable, high density TPU rear heel-plate slider combines with side-insert slider to protect and reduce friction in event of a crash.
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