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Alpinestars Sequence Jacket Protection - Black White Red

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Alpinestars Sequence Jacket Protection - Black White Red
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  • Model: alpinestars-sequence-jacket-protection-black-white-red

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  • The Back Protector Insert Is Constructed From A High Performance Polymeric Material Blend For Optimized Flexibility And Excellent Weight Saving Properties.
  • All Inserts Are Highly Perforated For Maximum Breathability And Air Ventilation.
  • New Single Injected Compound Inserts Are Designed To Allow The Maximum Breathability And Air Flow.
  • Ergonomic Protection Plates Contour To The Natural Curve Of The Back Ensuring Optimum Fit While Riding.


  • Soft Touch Bns Puller For An Easy And Safe Engagement Of The Bns.
  • Reduced Material Construction On Underarms And Arms For Ventilation And Weight Saving.
  • Adjustable/removable Elastic Belt
  • Extra Width To Account For Different Helmet Sizes And Raised Chest To Reduce Hyper- Flexion.
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