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Alpinestars Novus Solid Black Matte Open Face Helmet

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Alpinestars Novus Solid Black Matte Open Face Helmet
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  • Model: alpinestars-novus-solid-black-matte-open-face-helmet

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  • Lightweight Outer Shell Is Constructed From An Advanced, Injection-molded Thermoplastic Resin For Excellent Impact Protection And Optimized Levels Of Weight Distribution, Comfort And Strength.
  • The Novus Helmet Is Homologated To Ece 22.05 Standards.
  • Multiple Density Inner Shell Constructed From Fused Closed-cell Polymer Foam Which Helps Channel Impact Energy Away From The Head In The Event Of A Crash And Increases Mechanical Resistance In The Event Of Accidental Shock.
  • Specifically Profiled Outer Shell For Excellent Aerodynamic Performance, Offering Increased Stability At Speed.
  • Open-face Design For Convenience Of Entry And Increased Width And Range Of Vision, Plus Extended Low Profile For Increased Protective Coverage.
  • Adjustable Ventilation System Features Triple Air-intakes And Two Exhaust Ports.
  • Ventilation System Is Engineered To Guarantee Ample And Equal Internal Airflow,
  • Keeping The Rider Comfortable In All Conditions.
  • Vent Is Activated By A Cable Slider System Allowing The Rider To Regulate And Personalize The Level Of Cooling Airflow.
  • Extended, Anti-scratch Visor Is Homologated And Is Constructed From Advanced Polycarbonate For Strength.
  • Visor Offers Coverage To Lower Face When Closed And Flips Up Neatly And Securely.
  • The Visor Includes A Lock To Ensure Is Designed To Minimize Turbulence And Reduce Aerodynamic Noise (In Conjunction With The Internal Padding) In The Closed Position.
  • Visor Is Removable And Easy To Replace.


  • Built-in Internal Tinted Sun Shield Visor Made Of Injected Polycarbonate Offers Effective Protection From The Direct Sunlight.
  • Sun-shield Is Anti-scratch.
  • Sun Visor Is Activated By A Cable Slider System Allowing Rider To Regulate Visor According To Needs).
  • Sun Visor Is Removable.
  • Chin Closure System Features Micro-adjustment Buckle For Precise And Personalized Fit.
  • Premium Quality Internal Padding Is Constructed From Multiple Density Foam Padding For Comfort And Is Especially Designed For Exceptional Facial Contouring.
  • Moisture-wicking Comfort Textile Used Through-out Helps Prevent Buildup Of Sweat.interior Sections Are Removable And Washable.internal Padding Includes Adaptive Fit Technology Allowing Helmet To Be Precisely Configured To Wide Range Of Head Shapes And Sizes.
  • The Alpinestars Novus Helmet Incorporates “a-head” Adjustment Technology Which Allows The Fit To Be Fully Customized.
  • An Industry-first, Micro-adjustment System, “a-head” Is Made Up Of Two Patented Adjustment Structures – One For The Adjusting The Fit Around The Circumference Of The Head – And Another For Adjusting The Fit On The Top Of The Head, Improved Levels Of Comfort And Security.
  • Equipped With ‘a-connect’, An (Optional) Bluetooth Bike-to-passenger Or Bike-to-bike Intercom Communication System, Allowing You To:
  • Speak To Another ‘a-connect’ Equipped Helmet (Within A Proximity Of 200m)
  • Link Your Helmet As A Hands Free Headset To Your Bluetooth-enabled Phone
  • Listen To Stereo Music From A Bluetooth A2dp Enabled Phone Or Mp3 Player, And Control It Remotely If Your Device Also Supports Avrcp (Audio-video Remote Control Protocol)
  • Compatible For Use With Mobile Phone, Mp3, Gps Connection.
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