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Alpinestars New Land Goretex Boots - Black

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Alpinestars New Land Goretex Boots - Black
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  • Fully Ce-certified Boot Is Highly Durable And Performs Excellently In All Weather Conditions And Over All Distances.
  • 100% Waterproof Gore-tex® Membrane For Guaranteed Protection Against Elements And Improved Breathability.
  • Contoured For Optimized Performance Over Long Distances With A Toe Box Construction For Improved Riding Control.
  • Rear Reflective Insert For Improved Night Time Visibility.
  • Alpinestarsメ Exclusive Rubber Compound For The Optimal Combination Of Comfort And Grip.


  • Double-density Ankle Shield Mounted Under And Over Medial Leather Surface.
  • Reinforced Shift Pad Protects Upper Foot.
  • Contoured, Injected High Modulus Polyamide Insole Includes Embedded Shank Reinforcement.
  • Robust Toe Box And External Heel Counter Mold Provides Superior Impact Protection To Hull Of Boot.

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