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Alpinestars Leather Pants - Track Black

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Alpinestars Leather Pants - Track Black
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Alpinestars CE certified Track Leather Pant is a supremely comfortable and versatile performer for both track and street use. Packed with class-leading protection and stretch paneling to ensure an ergonomic, contoured fit this pant can be used in conjunction with a range of Alpinestars leather jackets, to form a formidable ensemble for performance riding.
  • 1.3mm full-grain leather for excellent abrasion resistance and supple finish.Multi-stitched main seam construction for maximum tear resistance.Extended high rear waist construction provides greater overlap with the riding jacket to ensure maximum material coverage of the body at all times.Perforated leather panels for improved ventilation.Premium YKK Semi Auto Lock zippers ensure secure closure at all times.


  • Ergonomic stretch aramidic panels on crotch and back of the knee for optimal flexibility and fit.Large accordion stretch panels offers excellent range on movement on bike.Interior leg cuff system features Taslon and Nylon closures to help keep pants firmly situated on body.Innovative calf expansion gusset ankle adjustment improves range of fit and riding comfort.Removable Internal lining with stretch panel inserts work in conjunction with outer stretch zones for greater freedom of movement.D-ring waist adjustments and waist connection zipper to attach to Alpinestars riding jackets.


  • CE certified riding garment. The pants fully conforms to CE Certified: EN 13595-1 standards for riding safety.Removable CE certified knee,hip and tibia protectors offer excellent impact resistance.Internally reinforced seat area aids abrasion protection and helps prevent garment deformation as a result of high friction while sliding in an accident.Alpinestars replaceable Sport Knee Sliders.

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