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Alpinestars Komodo Travel Bag - Black Anthracite White

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Alpinestars Komodo Travel Bag - Black Anthracite White
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  • Model: alpinestars-komodo-travel-bag-black-anthracite-white

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  • Dimensions: 94cm X 45cm X 40cm, Capacity 150 L.
  • Lid Opening To Access To The Main Compartment.
  • Flat Top Pocket To Access Documents While Traveling.
  • Removable Change Mat Made From Waterproof Tarpaulin.
  • Strong Plastic Ykk Zipper Chain Size 10mm.
  • Lockable Zippers – Accepts Tsa Approved Locks.
  • Big Screen Print.
  • 2 Ventilation On Sides.
  • 2 Big Webbing Handle On Top To And Side To Be Able To Move And Carry The Bag.
  • 2 Strap Handle To Lift Up The Bag And Put It On The Shoulder.
  • 2 Mesh Pockets On Internal Sides Of The Bag.
  • Webbing Reinforcement To Give A Better Structure To The Bag.
  • Constructed From Durable Tarpaulin And Tough Polyester Reinforcement Panels.
  • 2 Small Front Pockets.


  • Boots Compartment With Waterproof Removable Bag, Easier To Wash.
  • Reflective Details.
  • Smooth Outdoor Rolling Wheels.
  • Bottom And Side Panels Made With Waterproof Tarpaulin, This Way The Bag Stay Always Dry When It Stands On Muddy Terrain.
  • Durable Hard Bumpers On Base Corners.
  • Hard Internal Base With External Slide Rails.
  • Sized To Carry All Protective Gear.
  • Compartment Walls Can Be Removed With A Zipper To Allow The Bag To Be Reconfigured With One Extra Large Internal Compartment.
  • Inner Flat Zippered Mesh Pocket On Flap And Main Compartment Separation.
  • Telescopic Double Post Handle, Multiple Heavy Duty Haul Handles And A Top Carry Strap.
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