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Alpinestars GP Tech Gloves - White Red Black Online India

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Alpinestars GP Tech Gloves - White Red Black Online India
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  • Model: alpinestars-gp-tech-gloves-white-red-black

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  • Sport Summer Glove.
  • Outer Seam Palm Construction For Enhanced Levels Of Rider Comfort.
  • In The Sleeve’ Construction Maximizes Comfort And Feel, And Allows The Glove To Be Worn With Any Leather Jacket.
  • Hard Knuckle For Superior Resistance To Repeated Impacts.
  • Finger Bridge On The Third And Fourth Finger Prevents Finger Roll And Separation In The Event Of A Slide.
  • Mix Of Perforated Leather For Superior Performance.


  • Slip-in Glove Wrist Safety Closure For Security.
  • Accordions On Fingers And Thumb To Increase Fit And Direct Comfort.
  • Thumb And Palm Reinforcement For A Superior Grip.
  • Cuff Leather Puller To Easily Get Into The Glove
  • Ergonomic Stretch Insert On Palm And Soft Rubber Padding On Fingers For Additional Rider Comfort.
  • Touchscreen Compatible Fingertips.
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